Secret Life of Bees Essay

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Classics explore aspects of human identity and reveal how people struggle with mistakes and pain, how people realize their own childishness, and how to learn from mistakes. This is the case in “The Secret Life of Bees” and is illustrated by the protagonist, Lily Owens’s experiences. It allows the author to share the importance of truth and accepting the realities. Kidd also explores forgiveness, racism and feminine power. Sue Monk Kidd explores how hard it can be when people do not want to accept the truth about themselves. She uses Lily Owens as an example to demonstrate these difficulties. Some people do not have the ability to face facts, or the good and bad in life. “There is nothing perfect. There is only life” – said August Boatwright (Chapter 12). August is the only one who knows the story about Lily’s mother, she also the one who tells her the truth. When Lily finds out the story that her mother left her and run away, Lily shocked. But August is the one who guides Lily out of her misfortune life, August explains to Lily that her mother is a human, she can also make mistakes. This shows how life is imperfect from Kidd’s point of view. She wants her readers to see that life is not always what people want it to be nor how it is will turn out. Through Lily’s experiences, Kidd’s key message to the readers is the answer is not usually right there, people have to learn by themselves what is wrong and right. That is also the reason why people can relate to the novel. Another theme that Kidd would like to share with her readers is truth. She understands that it has always hard to know the truth, people, some rather to hear lies. Although they know by heart it IS a lie. The emotions are confusing, instead of face the fact, some people would like to hide away. Kidd constructs a logical and flexible life for Lily. Kidd applies the love and the past of her mother

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