No Shame In My Game Analysis

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In the preface and early chapters of No shame in My game by Katherine Newman, the author describes the logic and practice of her research design. Questioning the dominant paradigm in poverty research leads her to a new set of empirical research questions, around which she designs a study of New York City’s working poor. A research can have many purposes. Three of the most common are Exploratory, Descriptive and Explanatory. Newman’s research design has more than one purpose. I believe she actually shows us a little of all three. By walking though New York Citys, and thinking back on what she remembered it to be. She is showing us a little of her exploratory purpose to her research. She is exploring her curiosity of what it was and how it is now. Wondering what is was that lead it to be here, asking herself questions and wanting the answers. Which leads us to the second purpose of this study, Descriptive. A descriptive study aims to describe a phenomena, and answering questions of who what, when, where, and how. All the questions she has asked her self, she would now…show more content…
In Newman’s study some possible issues that could have emerged were confidentiality, No harm, Deception and analysis and reporting. Confidentiality could have been an issue because she can identify persons given responses but not to do so publicly. She can ruin someone’s life if someone found out that it was there response. And by that happening she would cross another ethical issue called no-harm. Deception is often used but it is not supposed to be. She could have hid the real reason she was getting this information so she can get better responses. More truthful and real responses, people tend to lie when they know the real reason behind a study. And finally Analysis an Reporting, her whole point of this research is to get information. What if it contradicts with her findings? Would she use it? How would she use it? Would he leave some
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