Character Analysis: Janie's Self Identity

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Janie’s Self Identity Self Identity is who you are to yourself. Self-Identity is important because you need to know who you are and it gives you internal peace. When people can’t find their own identity they start to try and blend in with others. At first Janie couldn’t find her own identity and was not at peace with herself. Janie had problems finding her own identity, bad marriages, unworthy friends, and very jealous townspeople caused her difficulties. Logan Killicks was Janie’s first husband. Janie was only 16 when she married him. She had not fully developed emotionally. She didn’t know what real love was yet. She didn’t know who she was yet. Logan Killicks was way too old for Janie. Janie had interest in being with Logan.…show more content…
Joe and Logan had a big influence on how Janie could not trust Tea Cake at first. She showed Tea Cake she had some problems by saying, “It’s all right tuh come teach me, but don’t come tuh cheat me.”(pg.96) She was showing Tea Cake that she wasn’t a rookie in the relationship game. If Tea Cake was going to try and make a fool out of Janie she wasn’t going to let that happen. Tea Cake coming along really didn’t have a effect on her self-identity at first. Tea Cake did everything differently than Joe. He let Janie go off to anywhere she wanted. He never controlled what she did. Also, Tea Cake never asked for anything knowing she was rich. He always paid for everything they did with the money he made working very hard. He proved to her that he was trustworthy by saying, “ Janie, Ah hope God may kill me, if Ah’m lyin’.”(pg.109) Tea Cake is going to the farthest extent of trying to prove to Janie he is a good person. Janie’s confidence in Tea Cake highly increases because of his words. She learned that Tea Cake was not in the relationship for the money. Tea Cake had the best effect on Janie. He showed her what true love was. Her heart came to a state of

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