Girlfriend In A Coma Essay

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Many people venture through life without considering the consequences of their actions. Some believe in fate and some hope destiny will find them. But destiny is meant to be fulfilled. People must be aware of the changes around them and they must attempt to better the world through knowledge instead of through material objects. In Douglas Coupland’s, Girlfriend in a Coma, Coupland suggests that solely existing is not sufficient and that destiny is not something that occurs naturally, but it is “what we work toward” (6). By creating destiny and helping others create theirs, one is able to make an impact on the world for generations to come. Throughout the novel, Coupland suggests that the world has become a more materialistic place and that people are no longer concerned with improving themselves spiritually but only becoming more acceptable to others. The purpose of life seems to have diminished in modern day society; people’s actions are influenced only by what judgement will come from others and how large the immediate benefit is. After returning from his spiritual journey, Linus is irritated with the way people have become; he says that “everybody in the world is fake now-as though people had true cores once, but hucked them away and replaced them with something more attractive but also hollow” (83).Constantly improving technology has changed the way that people think and act. Society has become more focused on creating material objects then improving inner spirits. Karen seems to discover this when she awakes from her coma. She sees change in the people of the present; people “talk about their machines, as though they possess a charmed religious quality-as if these machines are supposed to compensate for their owner’s inner failings” (143). Coupland implies that the technology of the present not only effects the way people think and act; it affects

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