Second Punic War Research Paper

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The Second Punic War (218-201 BC), also known as Hannibal’s War was the second major war between Carthage and Rome. It is referred to as a “Punic” war because Rome's name for Carthaginians was Punici, because of their Phoenician ancestry. This war was brought about by the rapid growth of Carthaginian rule in Spain. Before the war, the Carthaginians were building up a great empire in Spain. Hannibal, who had a grudge against the Roman Empire decided to attack the Saguntines, who were allies with Rome. The Saguntines sent for aid from the Romans, but received none. Hannibal was going to seize Saguntum, and the Romans left the Saguntines to defend themselves. Hannibal wanted to invaded Italy and had a plan to unite with the Gauls and other Roman enemies and then descend into Rome.…show more content…
The Romans say that the Spanish peoples wanted out of the Carthaginian rule and that is why they were fighting, but some Spanish peoples, along with the Carthaginians did fight hard. Whether this alliance was due to the Saguntum issue or other causes, there were still people believing in the Carthaginian rule. We know that Livy was biased in his account of the war and that he made Hannibal seem extremely cruel and brutish in some parts, but we also know that the Romans were known for their brutality as well. This could have been a factor in the Spanish peoples decision to fight for Hannibal. Another reason why the Spanish peoples are important is because, according to Livy, they are the reason Hannibal lost the war. He writes that Hannibal’s inability to keep a grasp on the Spanish people is what cost him the war. There were many alliances within the Spanish people, and some of them did change during the war, and even more than once. Livy thinks that this wavering of loyalty lost Hannibal the war. Scipio may be a great general, kind, noble etc., but the Carthaginian
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