Sci/275 Global Warming Research Paper

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Global Warming By Amanda Lardino Sci 275 What are the main causes of global warming? Is there things we can do to prevent it? Those are two of the main questions that have come to mind about the way to focus our thoughts on what can be done to decrease this issue in the world today. One of the major atmospheric issues that has been destroying the environment for years is global warming. I have read that in the present compared to the past global warming has increased tremendously. The causes and effects of global warming has been the top of discussion in debates not just between scientist but politicians, businesses and common members of the community. Global warming is defined as a measurable increase in temperature of Earth’s…show more content…
| Apply for government grant to help fund sustainability plan in global warming. Also ask large businesses across the country to donate to the cause. Contact environmental agencies and discuss ways to raise awareness among society. Work with these agencies to develop workshops and presentations. Contact local business across the country to help advertise.Review the history of global warming and its contributing factors like greenhouse gases and deforestation. Gather data and statistics for future use. | Month 1-3 | Present the workshops and presentations at various locations across the country. | Provide all communities with hands on workshops and presentations regarding their impact on global warming. Make visits to colleges, high schools, and elementary schools to raise awareness. | Month 3-5 | Contact all U.S. governmental leaders and government agencies to invite them to a lecture on global warming | Write letters to government officials requesting their attendance at a lecture regarding global warming.Contact NYU to request the use of a campus lecture hall to be used for presenting the lecture. Contact scientists and environmentalists that specialize in global warming to speak at the lecture. | Month 6-7
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