California Drought

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Throughout its 4.6 billion years of existence, the Earth has cycled through many natural changes of warming and cooling. Yet, today’s increasing temperature is widely accepted by the fact that humans might be the main cause, instead of the natural temperature changes the Earth cycles every once in awhile. Consequently, the life sustaining environment has been forced to transform more rapidly as temperature changes, and one of the most deleterious results is drought. Drought has caused major problems globally, especially in the waterless West America. In the past, California mainly focused on delivering enough water across the state to meet its people’s usage. Today, however, since climate changes are getting more severe, many actions are required in order to conserve and manage the water supplies in California. The state has developed numerous ways to store and preserve as much water as…show more content…
Since the beginning of human civilization and the Industrial Revolution, mankind has lived in a competitive relationship with nature. Human tendency to exert a negative influence on ecology has resulted in rapid increases in the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Evidence has proven that “since 1900, the global surface temperature of the Earth has risen about 0.8 Celsius (see fig. 1).” As data have shown, temperature has been increasing ever since the period of Industrial Revolution (after the year 1840 to 1850). We then, can assume the reason for the increasing temperature was resulted from industries, over-powering energy with coal during that specified time period. Manufacturing produces massive amounts of carbon dioxide along with other greenhouse gases, resulting in warming the whole planet, hene causes climate changes. Thus, it can be concluded that humans have a strong correlation with the increasing temperature and climate changes that are happening
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