Scandalized: Woody Allen Essay

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With countless tabloid stories, and numerous scandals, American society is exposed to an endless amount of disgrace, and reputation loss. Scandals such as The Scarlet Letter’s infamous Hester Prynne, no longer carry the same initial shock as they used to. However, there still are a few instances where the American public is stupefied by the actions of one. One very popular taboo scandal, is Woody Allen’s relationship with Soon Yi. Many Americans remember this scandal because of its distaste and cringe-worthiness. As any celebrity obsessed American remembers, Woody Allen’s scandal was beyond shocking. Allen was in a relationship with actress Mia Farrow. This twelve year relationship resulted in two adopted children, and one biological son. Previous to the relationship, Farrow had adopted three children, including Soon Yi, and had two biological children, all with Andre Previn (Hornblow). Reports vary on exactly why the relationship ended, however its speculated that Farrow found nude photographs of her adopted daughter, Soon Yi, in Allen’s possession, and immediately broke it off with Allen. Soon after, ending his relationship with Farrow in 1992, Allen began a relationship with Soon Yi. At the time the relationship began when Allen was fifty seven and Soon Yi was a mere twenty one (Biskind). The relationship caused the genius filmmaker to be labeled as a child molester, cradle robber, and partaking in pseudo-incest (Kearney). While most had doubts that this was even a “relationship”, Woody Allen went and did the unthinkable. He married Soon Yi in 1997, and has continued this relationship since. Allen and Yi have two adopted daughters, and report that they are still very much in love (Biskind). Even though the couple has “beat the odds”, there are still many critics of their relationship. Allen’s biological son, Ronan Farrow, from his relationship with Mia

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