Rose Mitchum And Beth Ross: Character Analysis

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There are certain characters that will be mentioned throughout this writing that are absolutely central. They are Rose Mitchum and Beth Ross. Names have and will be changed. This is the complete story of my freshman year in all its glory. FIRST QUARTER The first few weeks passed without much ado; I spent most of my time with the friends I had met at marching band camp. I was growing accustomed to my classes. For the most part I blended into my peers; I rarely spoke in class unless addressed, even then most of the time I was wrapped up in my own little pocket of sound, so I was very unresponsive. I tend to make friends well so I passed through my school days with some friendly conversations and general good humor. I always longed for my lunch period, that’s when I saw Caroline, Jodie, Max and Joel. I had been accepted in as Caroline’s freshman so I got to know that group quickly. But on some level I suppose I got bored. I reached out to the flame-haired little spitfire in my English class, Beth. A wild halo of curls topped a face fit for anime, wide excited eyes, thick black…show more content…
Within a week or two of each other both Beth and Rose were left brokenhearted, Rose’s boyfriend Oliver dumped her after hearing that she had slept with his best friend Kevin, her former boyfriend, and Glenn left Beth, saying that he was moving away and it would be too painful if they remained together. Not true. He then proceeded to woo and date one of Beth’s friends Nicole. Beth was devastated; most of our lunch’s thereafter were devoted to distracting her from the new couple. We even moved her to Kevin’s table, of which he was supreme ruler, because we knew that she’d ogled him a few times and liked what she saw. To tell the truth I hated that table; either nobody except Rose and Beth talked to me, or they were distracted with Beth’s new boyfriend Matt. Lunch played out like

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