Saving Face Review

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The Deviation values of Chinese CultureDue to Influence American CultureIn the movie Saving Face | This working paper is presented as the duties in American Multiculturalism studies class | Lecturer : Sukarni Suryaningsih, S.S, M.Hum. | | Arranged by:Uli Zulfa ENGLISH DEPARTMENT DIPONEGORO UNIVERSITY 2012 INTRODUCTION A. Background In this paper we intend to raise the issue of foreign cultural influences that lead to the deviation of traditional cultural values. The issue regarding the irregularities by the younger generation against the older generation who still uphold the values of Chinese culture, but gradually the values of Chinese culture is influenced by American culture, which eventually broke the strong tradition ingrained in the Chinese nation. Our other goal is to satisfy a condition of the semester assessment and to add our insight as the writers and the readers specially. As the swift currents of globalization and modernization, regional cultures diminished and marginalized by modern culture. By reason of the fear out of date a lot of people who left the national culture. If you have to see how far the influence of globalization on culture, certainly have an enormous impact especially in the negative. It is very nice if we glance at what's in humans will require further development modern era. But it is not promising people now care about the local culture. They prefer a new culture that feels funner and freely without having to hold customs. The role of youth in the era of globalization to culture is needed. In other hand to preserve the culture, youth are a generation that has become a bridge with age in generations to come. However, the more likely it will disappear. The reason we picked the topic because we feel that we picked up the topic is an irony that occurred in Chinese society. AS we know the
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