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Student Name: Shuang, Song Student ID: 3301728 Introduction of The Mad Science Group: The Mad Science Group was established in Montreal, Quebec in 1985 by the brothers Ariel and Ron Shlien. “Mad Science is a leading science enrichment provider” that “deliver unique, hands-on science experiences for children that are as entertaining as they are educational”. (Madscience) This Group developed the following three individual strategies to help the company expand: franchising; getting benefit from NAFTA; and learning cultural issue. The major markets of Mad Science are Canada and the United States. As a result of the growth of the Group, the senior management team is thinking to develop a market in Mexico. Strategies: Franchising is one of the expansion strategies that the Mad Science Group is adopting. Put definition. P303 This strategy brings many advantages and disadvantages to the company. “Franchising emerged as a business model that would allow Mad Science to expand without requiring substantial investment”. (P.563 Case B-4 The Mad Science Group) For example, one of the greatest challenges for a new company expanding its market in a new country is considered a lack of understanding of the local culture. However, franchising provides a good way to reduce this shortcoming because it uses the already established experience of the franchisors – usually are local people. in different countries, local culture is always considered as a big problem for the company because. However, franchise will be a good way to reduce those cultural risks, because franchisors are always local people. Therefore, the system quality will be increased and communication will be easy. Franchising also could be a risk for Mad Science Group, such as franchisor failure and franchisee failure. When franchisor does not honesty and does not provide good services to

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