Sanyika Shakur Environment Analysis

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Environment Environment has had a powerful influence on developing youth, most importantly in areas of lower household income. Being surrounded by gangs, racial discrimination, or lack of education (all components of the environment) has influenced the youth into the choices they have made in life, either making or breaking them. The youth makes choices that make them feel comfortable during the time without analyzing them carefully because of the way they were raised and the environment in which they grew in; for example, “Monster” by Sanyika Shakur is a first-hand account of the experiences of a south central Los Angeles gang member that grew in a troubled environment in where many gangs were located and that led him into the choices…show more content…
The youth involved in gangs have been introduced to the racially discriminated environment because the hatred of other towns and the people that live there, not only because they are enemies but because of their craving of being superior, being better than another race. By being discriminated people feel sad, mad, or sometimes they might not care at all depending on their educational status. “Welcome back nigger” comments like these don’t bother uneducated gang members because the careless mind, focusing only on anything gang related which is what their life revolves. “In my younger years that wouldn’t have bothered me much. But with my new direction and expanded cautiousness, it struck me hard.” Education is the answer to a better understanding of things and a better…show more content…
Nevertheless, not always do people get influenced negatively into turning to gangs and making bad choices. Thinking about the gangster environment and about the people that have lived or live in such surroundings you may think that it’s not as bad as it looks or sounds like, but in most cases the people get dragged into situations that force them into joining gangs for protection; people have been impacted by the environment that they live in. They make their own choices, often leading them through several traumatizing events that might make them change. I believe that with a good education our youth will notice all the pointless violence and wasted futures that have been around; the more education one gets not only does it enrich the person who is devoting their life for education but it also enriches their families, communities, neighborhood’s future as well as it does for them. Environment has a lot to do with the choices that people make but thanks to knowledge people decide the path they want to take. An educated environment will have powerful influences on developing

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