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Devaughn Murphy 10-18-12 Prof Hugely 4 pager essay Pick any two articles that deal with contact hypothesis. How does the research articles support or not the validity of the contact hypothesis. What has been your own experience with hypothesis? Have you seen it work in your life? Why or why not? Racism is institutionalized. Education is needed to tolerate stereotypes and its everyday pain. As the people of America wonder, when will segregation, prejudice, and stereotypes finally come to an end? Regardless of the accomplishments some of the great leaders this country has ever seen, through the black power movement by Malcolm X, the fight to end segregation by Dr .Martin Luther king and etc. The solution…show more content…
Contact hypothesis is the belief that the interaction between all ethnic groups will reduce segregation and help restore humanity. I chose two very interesting research articles! The contact hypothesis and intergroup relations 50 years on: introduction to the special issue by Colin Tredoux from the department of psychology and…show more content…
It is up to the individuals themselves to accept other people’s way of life. According to Tomovska, “within the microsystem the change and development of one member can instigate change in other members as well”. Mass media also plays a huge role on the negative perception of a certain ethnic minority. According to a very credible source, White, Rob and Perrone Santana, form the article Racism, Ethnicity and Hate Crime. “The negative portray of ethnic minority youths in the media is not, however, simply or solely due to, misguided stereotypes and sensationalist reporting. There is a material basis for at least some of the public concerns expressed, albeit in distorted and partial form through the mass media. This is especially so when it comes to certain types of street violence” Mass media definitely play’s a major role on a child’s decision, mainly because they don’t know any better and just are too young to understand. Hypothesis in addition will reduce gang violence. Gang violence is responsible for nearly one-third of the homicides in the country on a yearly basis. The causes of such occurrences are usually cultural differences, which then turn into a hate crime. Similar to gang wars

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