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Youvika Menos Mul 1010 Concert Report I attended the Boston pops on the 4th of July 2010, during the event I was a casual listener as I learn from my music class ” this type of listener likes having music playing, filling the environment with sounds, whether present as a background to drive, study, work, exercise, or hang out with friends”. The environment was very enjoyable people sat on the grass they wear funny Abraham Lincoln hat it was a family environment. Many pieces were performed but most of them were patriotic. There were many style that were performed for example modern, classical, etc… the instrumentation of the orchestra was amazing, some of the instruments I don’t even know their name, but from where I was I could see that there…show more content…
As I have learned from my music class” harmony involves the vertical aspect of music, that is, tones of different pitch that are sounded together”. Since, harmony is two or more pitches sounding simultaneously I can we no doubt say that during the concert the music’s harmony was intact, I think the combination of pitches did go together well. Form is essential to every art; it is the constructive or organizing element in music. During the concert each section or movement of the symphony has a formal design but also ultimately relates back to the theme or plot of the whole work. As I said earlier most of the pieces that were performed are patriotic, and as we all know music in our century is very developed, and especially with technology every sound of the professional music is almost close to perfection, the Boston pops 4th of July to me fall into the contemporary historical period of music. I did enjoy the concert because it was fun and I have learn a lot; it was a very good experience if was still living in Boston I would go again next year.

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