Russia and Spain

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Compare and contrast essay. Russia and Spain – different but alike. The culture of the country at present and the way it has been developed throughout the years of history reflect how this particular county can be viewed in comparison with the others. By and large, Russia and Spain have plenty of cultural similarities, at the same time representing absolutely different approaches to life and the world in general, society organization, customs and traditions, and, without doubt, national character. One obvious different is the people. Spanish are considered to be very energetic, cordial and friendly and they tend to show various emotions not only with the people they are well acquainted, but also to every person they meet, for example, on their way to work. Russians, in contrast, sometimes can be very reserved and not open to the strangers, but it is all due to the fact that the representatives of the Russian culture need time to entrust other people. However, when they become friends, the treatment and behavior towards others changes for the better, becoming more sincere and warm-hearted. Other areas of difference between these two countries are the forms of governmental structure. Russia itself is a relatively new country on the world’s map, virtually existing only for 20 years, whereas Spain has a strong system of administrating affairs of the state, constitutional monarchy, that has been existed for a very enduring historical period. Russia, for its turn, now is a presidential republic, and the head of state is a president, elected by people, while the Spanish king gets the right to hold the power by birth, however in some spheres of the management of the state affairs his authorities are limited. In spite of these two differences, these two apparently opposite cultures share several important features and experiences. It should be mentioned that
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