Discuss the View That Constitutional Reform Since 1997 Has Been of Limited Impact.

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There has been a variety of constitutional reforms set up since Blaire’s election into government in 1997, ranging from matters concerning Westminster to legislature, these reforms however have been of mixed impact. One reform set up in 1998 was the human’s rights act. This made it impossible for government to pass legislature unless it fitted with the convention signed by the British Government in 1950. This reform was of great impact as it meant all legislation passed by Westminster and all devolved assemblies must have been given a compatibility declaration from the European Court of Human Rights. This led to the passing of key legislation such as The prevention of terrorism act 2005 and the Criminal justice act 2003 both of which made a great impact on the electorate. Another constitutional reform which was less impacting was the freedom of information act n 2000. This was originally set up so that the electorate would have the right to any information held by large Public bodies or organisations. However this failed to be of little impact. Citizens can now access the information held on them by some 100,000 organisations. This act came into full force n 2005 yet even though public authorities are required to publish more information there are still many which can withhold information on the grounds of public safety or national security. In the respect this reform was of little impact as many companies can excuse not giving away information by claiming its for national security or public safety. One reform which has had a major impact on the constitution was devolution. Britain, at best can be described as quasi-federal as opposed to unitary state or a federal state. The new legislation has created new assemblies, but retains parliamentary sovereignty and limits the powered and authority of these devolved governments. Such powers however such as foreign
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