Rough Draft on Research Paper on Organized Crime and Police Officers

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1920s’ Organized Crime &Police Officers Vs. Modern Organized Crime & Federal Agents Imagine walking in Chicago looking over your shoulder to see if you’re being followed. Or, having to reach for that knife or gun whenever you see a suspicious person near you. This was what people did during the 1920s’ when organized crime was running rampant in the United States of America. While crime in the 20s’ and today had been violent and complex, criminals today have pushed the boundaries of corruption even more due to technology and other crimes. In the 20s’ it was more about bootlegging, fraud, prostitution rings, etc. Nowadays modernized crime has increased to cyber hacking, large amounts of drug dealing, and human trafficking, etc. During the 1920s’ a famous criminal, Al Capone nicknamed Scarface, was born in Brooklyn on January 17, 1899. (Blackwood) When starting his crime life he started pimping prostitutes and became a bouncer in brothels. From there he started earning over 100,000 dollars per week. After he quit school during the 6th grade, Al Capone joined John Torrio’s gang in Chicago called Colosimo Mob. In his years of working for John, he became John’s second hand man in the Colosimo Mob. When his mentor got shot, Al Capone inherited Torrio’s gang and multimillion company. During the years of being the head of the mob, he was known as a modern Robin Hood by being generous to the needy and poor. For example, he would hand-out coal and give clothes during the cold winters. He also set up the first soup kitchens during The Great Depression. By eliminating rival gangs, it shows other gangs to not mess with them. He was also seen with multiple bodyguards and driving in his bulletproof Cadillac Sedan. (Crime History) One of his famous hits ordered by Al Capone was in 1929 called the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. He sent his man “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn

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