A Violent Crime in New York

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[A Violent Crime in NY State] [Sophia Knight] [Kaplan College] A Violent Crime in NY State A violent crime is referred to any crime which is done by using some weapons and with the objective of violent act e.g. murder. In violent crimes, you use the violent force upon the victim. The statistics of violent crimes vary country to country and the nature of it (Segessenmann and Tanya 2000). According to the federal bureau of investigation, violent crimes count four categories of crime as violent crimes: murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assaults. Theses do not look at exactly the same crimes (Doris J. James, 2004). Crime in New York City has been concerned of residents since the 20th century. Organized crime has long been associated with the New York City. 20th century saw a rise in the mafia gangs of five families mainly in the city including black spades and supreme teams. Major riots have been occurred since the late 19th century. Its all began when the son of Sam was involved in serial killing and terrorized the whole city. Crime was highest in the 18th century and was peaked in 19th century. Government of New York City operates as one of the biggest law enforcement agencies in the United States and its functions are duplicated by the municipal agencies. Throughout the 1990s, rates of criminal activities in New York City dropped incredibly, all the more than in the United States all in all. The number of highly violent criminal offenses has declined by more than 56 percent in the City, contrasted with 28 percent in the entire United States. Property law violations tumbled by around the range of 65 percent, however, fell just 26 percent broadly. The reduction of the criminal activities in New York is primarily due to particular strategies done by the government of its previous Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. The most noticeable achievement of his
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