Rosa Parks Observation Essay

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On the first of December in 1955, history was made. While she did not realize that she was in the making of a great moment in history, Rosa Parks, a kind-hearted, middle-aged seamstress refused to give up her seat on a bus ride home in Montgomery, Alabama, simply because of the color of her skin, thus, setting in motion the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Therefore, being arrested for act of civil disobedience. If I were to teach a fourth grade class about the most important person in African American History, I would give them a brief lesson of her life after and prior to the incident in 1955. I would note them about her historical and political influences and her social and family influences. Also, I would discuss her personal experiences and also her strong characteristics. She was a very important figure and I think it is essential for a class of fourth graders to dig further down and understand this struggle in the Civil Rights movement.…show more content…
Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley in the town of Tuskegee on February 4, 1913 (Badertscher) She received a good education despite the discrimination against African Americans in that era. Her mother was a schoolteacher and home-schooled Rosa until she was 11 years old. Rosa then lived with her aunt in Montgomery, attending the Montgomery Industrial School for Girls. She was forced to drop out of Booker T. Washington High School because of her family illness, but received her high school diploma in 1934 (Badertscher) Rosa Parks was later married to Raymond Parks. He was a barber and supported Rosa through thick and thin and they were both members of the NAACP. After I give them a lecture of her life as a child/young adult, I would quiz the children so they can be more familiar with her before we move onto a much larger subject involving Parks such as the NAACP and

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