Special Population Interview

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Special Population Interview Elizabeth Price – Slone October 1, 2013 Morehead State University My interview subject is a 47 year old female who is not only homeless, but she is disabled as well. I chose “Jenea” due to the fact I had met her once before outside of a store and she was asking for money, she was dressed raggedy, and also had an odor to her. I reluctantly said no and felt so uncomfortable with the whole situation. When this assignment was given to us, I then sought her out to see if she would comply for this interview When I located Jenea I explained that I was doing a school assignment and I also communicated to her every aspect of the project so that she would understand clearly, I asked if she had any questions or if anything was unclear and she replied; why would anyone want to hear my story? I expressed that I would! I then began to give explanation again that I was a social work student with Morehead State University and also explained what the assignment must entail, the questions that I will be asking and they may be difficult questions however; I am encouraging her to be as completely honest as possible. I also stated that if she had any concerns, thoughts, or feelings at any time please feel free to express those to me as well and Jenea agreed I began the interview with some basic questions, starting with the micro level of how she became homeless and disabled? Jenea disclosed to me that around the age of thirty, she had lost her right leg because of a spider bite and this is also the beginning of her drug abuse. The hospitals and doctors were giving her medication to handle the pain and she told me that after a while it was not working and a friend showed her how to shoot up the medication, this was easy for her due to the fact she had a port in her arm to distribute her antibiotics. Jenea also informed that she had begun
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