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HIST 352 PSA #3 Anne Moody “Coming of Age in Mississippi” The autobiography “Coming of Age in Mississippi” by Anne Moody is the story of her life growing up as a poor black girl in one of the most racially discriminated states in America. She was born in 1940 and her story covers 19 years of her life beginning with when she was 4 years old all the through the age of twenty-three. Anne Moody also referred to as Essie Mae was the daughter of a poor sharecropper who was working for white farmers and her mother Toosweet who was working as a made for various white families, so did Moody. One of the passages that struck me the most in Chapter 9 is “… I had to secure that plate of dry beans if nothing else.” (Moody, 121) The passage caught my attention because of all her struggles with school and her family being poor, she had to worry about her families well-being and act like a grown up at such a young age. Despite her working hard to feed her family and not being able to enjoy her childhood, she experienced racism and discrimination at a young age which led to her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. She had a rough childhood working and going to school and the racial inequality she experienced growing up in Mississippi. She experienced poverty at a very young age when her Diddy left them for another woman and was forced to get a job. Her mom Toosweet was not making enough money to support the family of 4 at that time. Essie Mae went to school and worked so she could help her mother feed the family. She went to a segregated school and got her first job when she was only nine years old. She swept the porch for an old white lady that lived up the hill and got paid 75 cents and two gallons of milk a week. She was able to provide lunch money for her siblings Adline and Junior. Moody was working for several white families throughout her childhood and was mostly

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