Romeo and Juliet Act 1

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1. Name the two feuding families.The Montagues and the Capulets. 2. Who is Escalus and what is his power over the two families? 3. How does Benvolio propose to change Romeo’s melancholy mood at beginning of pla 4. Why is it necessary for scene 1 to take place in a public square? 5.To the people of Shakespeare’s time, disorder in a community threatened the authority of the ruler and the stability of the state. Find examples of this belief in Escalus’ speech? 6. How do Romeo and Benvolio learn about the Capulet party? 7. What persuades Romeo to attend the party? 8.Does Capulet seem sincere in his concern for his daughter’s happiness in marriage? Cite lines from the play to support your opinion. 9.What is Nurse’s opinion of Paris? Cite lines to support your answer. 10.Describe the Nurse’s character, paying particular attention to her relationship with Juliet? 11.At the time in which the play is set, marriages were often arranged by parents with little regard for the feelings of the children to be married. What makes Juliet’s parents unusual in their attitude? 12. Where and when does scene 4 take place? 13. Romeo and his friends plan to attend their enemy’s party. What will keep them from being detected? 14.What causes Mercutio to tell Romeo about Queen Mab? What does Mercutio’s speech about the fairy queen tell us about his imagination? 15.What lines show Lord Capulet playing the part of the hospitable host? 16.Who is Tybalt and what does Lord Capulet prevent him from doing? 17.After falling in love, Romeo and Juliet kiss and part. What surprising discovery does each then make about the other? 18.Describe the general atmosphere as the scene opens. How is the atmosphere affected by Tybalt’s behavior? 19.You have known the fate of Romeo and Juliet since line 8 of the Prologue. Does this information deepen or lessen your interest in their
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