Romeo and Juliet so Far (Will Update)

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Graded Assignment Lesson 5: Romeo and Juliet so far Now answer the seven questions below to demonstrate your understanding of Juliet’s character and some of the most important aspects of the play to this point. Be sure to answer each question fully and to the best of your ability, not only because this assignment will be graded, but also because detailed responses will be more helpful to you when you use this sheet to help you study for the upcoming Unit Test. (7 points) Score 1. Describe how Juliet's mother behaves when she comes to inform Juliet about the arrangement her father made to have her marry Paris. How does Juliet's mother's behavior when Capulet gets angry at Juliet influence the way in which readers view Lady Capulet? Answer: At first, Juliet’s mother is trying to tell Juliet that it’s a good experience and trying to make the marriage sound forced. She also makes it sound like she is concerned for Juliet, but she refuses and doesn’t want to marry Paris. With this Juliet’s mother gets very unhappy, dark even. (7 points) Score 2. In what way is the Nurse different after the announcement of the marriage arranged between Juliet and Paris? How does the change in the Nurse affect Juliet? How does the change in the Nurse affect the way readers view her? Answer: Before knowing about the marriage, the Nurse was very supportive. After the announcement, the Nurse supported the marriage between Paris and Juliet, she did this because she thought that Romeo was dead and wasn’t important anymore. Because of this Juliet started to dislike the Nurse more and more and the readers took her side in that. (7 points) Score 3. As Act III ends, Juliet heads off to Friar Laurence's cell. What does the fact that she will not give in to what everyone wants her to do tell you about her character? Answer: (7 points) Score 4.

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