Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Little Man Character Study What I ‘m writing about today is a character study of Little Man, Clayton Chester Logan, from the book we are reading in class called ‘Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry’. The youngest son of Mary and David Logan, Little Man, age 6, is sometimes the most mature; he was able to read before he started school. He is rarely afraid of danger and loves adventure. He dislikes cruelty and lies. He is also very neat; he worries constantly about his clothes and possessions becoming dirty. Action Little Man got a book from the teacher to read in class. It was dirty and he refused it, when he saw the insert of it he through it on the floor and stomped on it as he knew that it had been passed down for 11 years and he knew that when it was dirty it got passed down to a ‘Nigra’ as it said in the insert. When he was punished he didn’t even shed a tear. This showed that he can read at the age of six, he had an interest in books, and he also understood the concept of what the insert said. Appearance Little man always looked well, clean and tidy. This shows us he took pride in his appearance. An example of this is when he several feet behind his brothers and sister when they were all walking to school because he didn’t want dust from their steps going all over him. Another example of this is when all the children wanted to hide from the bus, so they scrambled up the steep bank into the forest whereas Little Man wouldn’t go as he didn’t want to get dirty. Say At one point Little Man said, “How come they did that?” (Referring to the bus racing past and blowing dust on them.) “How come they didn't stop for us?” he then asked “Well, where is our bus?” Little Man doesn't quite grasp what the Whites get and what the Blacks don’t get. This shows us that he is naive to the truth

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