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Rite of Passage BSHS 342 September 19, 2011 Babara Kennedy Rite of Passage A high school boy, 16 years old passed his math exam. Math was not Robert’s favorite subject so he had to study really hard for it. His parents said how well he was studying and promised to teach him how to drive if he gets a B and would give him a car if he gets an A in his finals and if he passes the driving test. Robert literally spent time in the library daily receiving extra tutoring from a friend John, he meets at the library. Robert forgot about his x-box and had less time for his friends Mike and Sean, who didn't think he needed to study as hard as he was doing. Anyway Robert passed both his math and driving test. Robert’s parents told him he was allowed to take out his friends in the car, but they had to obey all rules. Robert is in his late adolescences that has reached his full grown height of 6 foot 2 inches and weighs 130 pounds. Robert has brown hair and blue eyes, with a slight mustache with a slight goatee for facial hair. Robert has a strong deep manly voice that has stopped getting deeper. He has a six pack and very muscular arms, because he works out on a daily bases. Robert is excited and happy because he would be the first in…show more content…
During this stage of life young adults are going through many changes in life. They have many expectations surrounding them by family and peers. Any rite of passage or celebration could be life transforming for any adolescent at this age. In many debutantes live, the celebration at the ball is a way of releasing old pressure to begin meeting new expectations. This has become part; people enter adulthood without a celebration or party. When an adolescent changes from youth to adulthood, he or she has just entered in a distinctive stage in development. In discovery evolution in one’s life, this affects the rite of passage for adulthood in a permanent

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