Macolm X "A Homemade Education"

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Alisha Thornton 3/20/2013 English 098-099(180) Essay3 Revised In Malcolm X excerpt”A Homemade education, published from Malcolm X An Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley demonstrates the claims that without knowing how to read or write and understand and express what you are reading you become frustrated. Although Malcolm X struggled with reading and writing, and expressing himself while in prison, he learned that the library was a breeding ground for knowledge and that without this information and skills he’d be cut off from the world. While in prison Malcolm X realized that his reading and writing wasn’t good. He even had a hard time expressing himself. While in prison Malcolm would try to write letters to Elijah Mohammed but would become frustrated because all he knew was slang and street life.” I commanded attention when I said something. But now trying to write simple English, I not only wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t even functional’. Malcolm’s frustration prompted him seek and learn a Homemade Education while in prison. Malcolm X learned that the library was a breeding ground for knowledge. While serving time in Charleston Prison Malcolm x had a friend that was very knowledgeable and Malcolm envied that. Malcolm was use to skipping over words not understanding them. He would only go through books that had reading motions. He decided that he would get a dictionary to study, to learn some words and even brush up on his penmanship, Malcolm couldn’t even write in a straight line he was ashamed. He became so fascinated with the dictionary that he copied it and read it over and over. Malcolm spent two days just looking through the dictionary he was amazed at how many words existed. The Norfolk Prison Colony’s
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