Roles and Function of Law

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Role and Functions of Law Robert Gilmore LAW 421 November 7, 2012 Role and Functions of Law In society laws are created to make rules to protect people, for people to follow, and shapes the form of society. Society instills rules to follow so people can live a peaceful and ordinary life so one may believe that laws protect one. However, the functions of law shape the ways of society and the government plays a significant part of creating laws. In America, we have a federal system in which a national government coexists with the government of each state (Melvin, 2011). This federal system is expressed by the Constitution. The government creates laws to protect itself, such as the commerce industry but covers its track fooling the naked eyes of its own citizens. The government tells people what they want society to hear and when things go wrong, laws are thrown into people’s face. However, the laws were initially established to protect the rights of its people and the different types of industry that exist. The role of law is a representation is to regulate the behavior of people who in society laws are created to guarantee the rights of those weaker socially and physically. Laws does not discriminate a given social structure standpoint. Law protects the rights of life and substance from those in a society who may misuse ones power, such as wealth or manipulation of arms to restrict the rights of others. Without laws the weak would be in harm’s way, and the innocence may be taken advantage with no persecution or justice. The function of law is a binding custom or practice of a community. Its purpose involves maintaining peace, social justice, personal rights, and freedom. Rules conduct or act upon by a controlling authority, such as the government or judge. Law protects one’s rights in society and in a business with obligations and duties for one
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