Law 421 Role and Functions of Law

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Role and Functions of Law Law 421 July 16, 2012 Dr. Stephen Loro The role and function of law in business and society is essential due in part because legal matters influence how both business and society operate. Understanding law and its purpose allows us as individuals in society and perhaps in our role in business to organize, prepare and plan our course of action. One of the fundamentals associated with law as we know it is the United States Constitution. In addition to the Constitution each individual state has an established Constitution; each has a part or purpose in the legal practices that govern us in society and in business. According to the textbook the Constitution has three functions the first being to set up a structure for the federal government and rules for modifying the constitution, second provide powers for branches of the government and third to grant protections and liberties for United States Citizens from illegal or unlawful government practices. After understanding that the Constitution lays the ground work for the established legal system as we know it. Along with the guidelines that are followed lawfully ethics and values plays a role in how laws are followed and interpreted. Different laws address different issues and pertain to specific areas. Established laws are also implemented to safeguard citizens from harm, possible inequities and illegal behavior. Laws are also associated with a series of consequences for the individual and parties involved and on the flip side justice. Laws in essence make matters fair. Laws play an important role in maintaining and sustaining order in society and establish regulations in business. Although citizens must by law follow the law does not necessarily mean that the citizen’s belief system supports the legal system. It is the very laws that are established that preserve their

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