What Are The Goals Listed In The Preamble Of The Constitution

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A. Students will analyze historical documents to determine principles that served as precedents for the United States Constitution. • define individual and group values o What is a value? Ideas which groups/individual believe strongly and guide their behavior. o List and define the values and principles of democracy Limited government-the govt is limited in their power Change or abolish government-if the govt is not doing their job we can change it Individual right and freedom-everyone has their rights and freedom Consent of government-the power comes from the people Majority/Minority Rule-majority makes decision Equality-everyone is equal o Why are the values…show more content…
To study how we got our constitution and learn more about the government • identify weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation What was the Articles of Confederation? First constitution of the United States of America and specified how the national government was to operate Why did it fail? The national government had no power And the states could do whatever they wanted B. Students will analyze the United States Constitution in order to determine the basic principles of democracy • analyze the Preamble of the Constitution What is the Preamble? The intro to the constitution Identify the goals listed in the Preamble of the Constitution. 1. form a more perfect union 2. establish justice 3. insure domestic tranquility 4. provide for the common defense 5. promote the general welfare 6. secure the blessing of liberty • draw conclusions about the structure of American government o How does the constitution structure/organize the government? Specific Powers o What piece of the constitution does this? • examine rights contained in the Bill of

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