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The Role of Transportation and Logistics Management at Hapaq-Lloyd Hapaq-Lloyd Shipping Company Global Container Shipping Hapaq-Lloyd is a German owned container transportation and publicly held intermodal shipping company. Hapaq-Lloyd stock is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock (TSE) and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol TEU. Hapag-Lloyd is placed among the top five biggest shipping companies in the world. It has been in service over 160 years and considered an industral benchmark. Hapaq-Lloyd is a multi-billion dollar international shipping company providing global container shipment services for 130 countries. The company deploys over 115 ships to over 320 locations. It has an employee staff that exceeds 7100. The company moves over 5.5 million containers a year. Additionally, the company provides information technology, communications solutions, Flag ship cruise liners and aviation transport services to its customers. It uses the most advanced IT systems in the shipping industry. The company has expanded its product support and provides a host of other personal services. [pic] Hapag-Lloyd's overseas transport brings high quality, reliable, effective solutions for its customers' in the field of international container transportation with a wide range of vehicles covering 21 different types of container. The company's efficient service network handles both general cargo and provides a variety of container services for types of goods that require special transportation. Hapaq-Lloyd has made great progress in increasing its refrigerated container business. The company utilizes clip-on units to ensure that import and export reefers being shipped to and from overseas ports are kept at the desired temperatures. Hapaq-Lloyd containers must meet specific requirements. Heavy load containers must be constructed for high and

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