Role of Agencies Involved in Safeguarding

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Roles of the different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of children and young people. Social Worker The role of the social worker is to investigate when concerns have been raised about a child. The social worker will do an assessment of the child to find out his/her need’s and if they are being met by the parents/guardians. They will liaise with other agencies to discuss their concerns or gather information about the child’s circumstances. If the child is in danger they will take action to remove the child from the danger. Police The police have a special unit called Child Abuse Investigation Unit, who work with the social worker to protect children from harm. If a child is in immediate danger they will remove the child or the person causing the danger. They will also make decisions whether a crime has been committed and gather information from other agencies involved in the case. GP/Hospital GP’s or doctors at hospital may examine a child with injuries that they suspect to be non-accidental. Their duty in this case is to pass the information on to social workers. They may also have to examine a child that is thought to be at risk of abuse or has suffered abuse. They will then write a report for the social worker and give evidence if a crime has been committed. School If a teacher or member of staff suspect a child is being abused or if a child has told someone they are being abused, they have the responsibility to contact the child protection officer at the school who would then contact social services and/or the police. NSPCC The charity organisation raises awareness of abuse and provides support to families and children. It also provides a helpline for people with concerns about a child or for a child that is being abused. There role is to protect children from

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