Cyp Core 3.3

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CYP CORE 3.3 1.4) It is our duty to safeguard children and young people; this means that recommendations within serious case reviews offer the opportunity to examine current practice: what is happening and how it happens, within the setting and outside with other organisations (agencies and other services). We also have professional organisations supported by legislations, policies and procedures to help us. Serious case are reviewed when a child dies and abuse or neglect are suspected or know to be the fact of the death. The local Safeguarding Children’s Board calls serious case review and they might involve the children’s services, the police and other agencies. To identify that should be made, each services involve do an individual management review of its practises. Local authorities should inform the Ofsted of all serious incidents involving a child that can lead to a serious case review including where the child as died or may have suffered significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect. Serious case reviews include the importance of: Sharing information and communication Keeping an accurate timeline of events Clear planning and role Overcoming the problems of hard to reach families Good assessment of the child’s situation Early recognition of the child’s in need of protection by mainstream services such as schools or health services Inquiries and serious case review has been in place when practitioners and other agencies failed to identify that Victoria Climbie has been abuse and she had died of it. Lord Laming produced a landmark report in 2003 following the death of Victoria and a number of recommendations was put in place to improve the services, which led to the Children Act
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