Rogerian Argument on Abortion

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Abortion is a very tricky thing to bring up and discuss. This is because so many people, whether they are for or against, have such a strong opinion about it. There are three main ways women become pregnant, and those are: on purpose, on accident, and most importantly by rape. Obviously a women that wanted to get pregnant wont abort their child, so this leaves the on accident and rape group. Many will argue firstly that it is against religion and faith to kill a child, to destroy a soul, especially one as pure as an unborn baby. However it’s an unborn baby and not a human; therefor it doesn’t have a soul. This isn’t just an opinion but is by law in most states. So there wouldn’t be a killing of anything; just a fetus that has in it potential to become a human being, potential to become a living being. However that’s all it is, potential. It’s like trying to argue that liposuction should be illegal because you’re killing fat that has potential to grow parasites and bacteria. In an accidental pregnancy it’s clear that the fault lies in both the female and the male that had had sex. Since it is their fault they should have to deal with the issue until it is born. They messed up and need to have to accept their mistake. There is always the option of putting the baby up for adoption once it’s born. There are plenty of people that adopt. Being raped is a completely different situation than that of just messing up. Any rape victim will tell that it was a crime that happened to them that they never want to think about ever again. If they had gotten pregnant they would have to live every day for nine months the thoughts of when their rights were taken away from them. Not only is this, but having a child very expensive. The average costs of just giving the birth are between $9,000 and $17,000. Also a pregnancy is a very body changing occurrence. Stretch marks

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