Rocking Horse Winner Formalism Analysis

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Analysis using formalism After reading the story, the rocking-horse winner there appears to be two different conflicts. The first is the mother versus herself with an internal struggle. She appears to be fighting reality with her expectations. She doesn’t earn enough money to be living the lifestyle that she has and doesn’t want society to look down upon her. She is also fighting the fact that she can’t lover her three children. The second conflict is person versus person. Paul versus his mother. When he tells her adamantly that he is lucky and she laughs at his comment in disbelief. The child wants to prove to his mother that he is lucky and she should believe him. The son, is the protagonist. The boy seems to be young , it said in the text that he was growing too big for his nursery, so the age of the boy might be around 8 or 9 years old. He is a curious child who wants to learn from his uncle about horses. The boy wants to win the races so that he could show his mother he has luck which is money. It seems that the mother is the antagonist. She is a mother of three children and she finds small work in town by designing ads for designer clothing. The main role of the mother is that she begins to have instinctual feeling for her son, one night and knows something wrong has happened to him. She begins to develop some feeling and affection towards her son when she sees how determined he is about winning a race with one specific horse. The story is being told in third person point of view. It appears as if it is being told by someone who is talking about the family, by peering into their lives. The plot structure seems to be in chronological order starting when the children were little and as they have grown up. The setting of the story does not have a definite place, but it seems to be in the town area close to both a country area and a busy city area. It

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