Ice Breaker Research Paper

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Turner Maxwell While their horses trotted, local riders tied down their preseason nerves at The Fourth Annual Ice Breaker Schooling Show hosted by The Oregon Horse Center last weekend. “If they have any jitterbugs going into competition, they can get them out here,” said facility manager Heather Engstrom. The Ice Breaker was a developmental show, meaning it was a practice competition. The show gave nearly 30 riders a stress free competition before they headed into their 2012 horse show season. For seven year-old Olivia Santee, it was her first time competing on a full size horse. Santee started riding when she was five, but had only been riding Chexmate Charlie, her coach’s full size horse, for a few weeks. Chexmate Charlie and her competed in four classes and ribbon-ed in three of them. To ribbon you must place in the top five.…show more content…
The Ice Breaker is a perfect show for young riders like Santee. Being fairly new to horse shows; events like The Ice Breaker give Santee a chance to learn more about horse shows in a friendly environment. “Here it gives her a sense of different kinds of horses...good experience for her from the different showings,” said Santee’s mother Chris. “This is perfect for her.” Not only was The Ice Breaker a great learning show for riders, it was a great way meet new people. LCC student, Chelsea Carlson has been competing for fourteen years and has traveled all over the US for higher level competitions. “It’s nice to come to a show and have fun and not care where you place” said Carlson, “to not have any pressure.” Along with competing stress free, Carlson loves meeting new riders and sharing her knowledge of horse show to
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