Robots: Convenience or Problem

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Robots:Convenience or Problem Have you ever paid attention to the craze of robots? If you think about this issue, you will see that popularity and high rate use of robots are becoming widespread significantly in our lives.Anyway, that the first robot was invented and programmed led to a new aspect enabling us to many innovations and conveniences.Then,robots ,which are one of the most important technological enhancements in the last century, have started to enter and affect our daily lives progressively.Although, enhancements in robots technology enable us to ease our lives in many respects,using robots in workplace may lead to three main problems. The first problem is the increase in unemployment rate.The first underlying reason of that is the employer’s choice.That is ,the employer prefers robots to people because, robots do not have any muscles,bones,etc.That is,they can work for long hours without getting tired.In contrast to robots,when people work under difficult conditions they become tired easily.For example,unlike the brain of people,brains of robots can work until run out of steam.Another reason for increase in unemployment is that robots can work under extremely difficult conditions at which people can not work.For example,they can dive deeper than people.For instance,almost entire petroleum exploration works are done by undersea robots.In these works,robots are sent to ocean’s bottom at which there is almost no oxgyen.Another extreme difficult condition is rescue operations after terrible earthquakes.In these conditions, robots take on many tasks which are essential and vital for these operations .For example, mini robots are sent to fully or partially callopsed buildings to investigate whether there are people living.Unlike robots,people can not join these rescue operations because, partially callopsed buildings are so dangerous

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