Roaring Dragon Hotel Case Analysis

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(1) Please identify and BRIEFLY explain the challenges faced by Fortune when he assumed his role. These should include but are not limited to the several specific differences in "organizational culture" between HI and RDH (former) management. Please make sure that you include these cultural differences. When Fortune first took over the position as GM of RDH, the biggest challenge in front of him was to transform a large group of relaxed family-based employees, working under an ad-hoc management style, into a professional group of dynamic employees operating within a structured international organizational culture. And in the transform process, there are many other challenges including: • How to get rid of the pervious guanxi networks over the employees and choose the best employees to remain at the hotel and then train them into professional to meet the HI’s world-class standard. • How to stop non-productive behaviors among employees without losing some former employees with guaranteed income-generating contacts, which are important in China for the hotel to generate profits. • How to keep talented and potential young employees instead of older employees with no education and simple backgrounds to be trained well in the process of layoff. • How to maintain the friendly and supportive atmosphere, which is essential and valuable for Chinese workers in the workplace when apply the standard international management style in RDH. • How to keep and build good relationships with third parties like Travel Agencies to attract visitors and local Chinese business clientele • How to decrease the possible conflicts between the western management and the local Chinese co-owners and workers. (2) What should Fortune, Erhi T, and the provincial government have done differently? • For Fortune: He should have slowed down the layoff process and take full consideration of

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