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Executive Summary Shanghai Tang is a luxury brand company that draws its inspiration from historical Chinese culture. In doing so they were able to capitalize on the intrigue that western nationals felt towards the end of British control of Hong Kong. As people came to visit before Hong Kong became Chinese, they were able to see Chinese fashion influences. Now, the world is making moves into China as they now see the growing potential it has causing a threat to Shanghai Tang’s domestic market while other Chinese inspired companies are threatening their domestic market. If that wasn’t enough the companies long-time creative director, Joanne Ooi, is leaving the company creating a void in the leadership role of the company’s brand vision. To solve all of this the company can hire from the outside or promote from within but despite this decision they have to handle how they can defend their domestic market share, their international market share, and be able to move into new markets while not straying away from its fundamental values of being a sophisticated, individualistic, and ancient Chinese inspired luxury brand producer. To solve this problem the company should promote its current Chief of Clothing Design, Joseph Li to the role of creative director. This will help the designers feel respected by the management and help improve their work as they feel they are a better part of the process with one of their own running the process. Also, Joseph has international experience at various other companies and can help with the expansion into new markets and since he is Hong Kong-born Chinese he still has a connection to Chinese culture. By blending western accepted fashion with a Chinese infusion they have the potential to not only capture the intrigue again of the west even more, they can create a gravitation of the Chinese to this new design which is modern style

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