Road Safety Essay

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than that, let somebody else such as your friend to drive if you are under theinfluence of drugs and alcohol. Next, if you like to listen to music while driving, turnthe volume down to a suitable level. It is to make sure that we are aware of our surroundings if there is another driver honking at you.Another step to ensure the road safety is all road users should show respectto other people when using the road. The road is not track for us to race or show off.So, control our emotion when driving. The driver of a car should watch out and giveway to the rider of bicycle or pedestrian to avoid accidently hitting them. If you wantto turn left or right, give early signal, so that, the car behind can get ready toslowdown and they can avoid from crashing into your car.Pedestrians should be careful while crossing the road. If there is no facilitiesprovided, a pedestrian should wear bright colour shirt. So, the driver can be aware of your presence. Pedestrians should be more patient. Look right and left before crossthe road to make sure the road is clear and it is safe to cross. While crossing theroad, pedestrian should avoid from jay walking to avoid from vehicle that appear suddenly. The number of fatalities of pedestrians can be reduced if all the followingsteps are taken before crossing the road. The relevant government agencies shouldtake appropriate action to educate children and public on the importance of roadsafety. The first approach we need to adopt is to educate. We can start off withschool children as it is best to instil good habits at a young age by teach them how tocross the road safely. The media can play their role by showing short documentarieson television about the Road Safety.Lastly, the road users should always abide by the rules. They should plan their journey first such as start the journey early to avoid driving at night. Then the car owner should

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