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RNA Lab Report If a codon is mutated, say from GGU to CGU, is the same amino acid specified?_______ Go to DNAi (www.dnai.org[->0]) > Code > Copying the Code. Start with the problem, and work through players, pieces of the puzzle, and putting it together. As you watch the video clips and animations, consider the data collected by the scientists involved. If a clue provides evidence for replication or transcription/translation, place an “X” beside the clue in the table, under “Supports replication” or “Supports transcription/translation”. If the clue does neither, or is not acceptable data, place an “X” in the “Does not support replication or transcription/translation” column. Questions: 1. Select one of the observations (either clue 8 or 9) from the table: Possible Clues…show more content…
What question does Sydney Brenner ask in “Defining the gene?” Explain why this was an important question to understand how DNA codes for protein. How does the sequence of bases correspond to the sequence of amino acids? 7. George Gamow thought that three bases in DNA corresponded to one amino acid. To confirm this idea, Marshall Nirenberg used a synthetic RNA containing only one kind of base. What question was his experiment attempting to answer? 8. Briefly describe Seymour Benzer’s experiment that answered the question: “Do mutations in the DNA sequence of a gene correlate with protein changes?” 9. Marshall Nirenberg and Heinrich Matthaei used mRNA made up of repeating uracil nucleotides in a cell free extract. They obtained amino acid chains consisting of phenylalanine. What did they learn when they asked the question, ”What happens when mRNA made up of only cytosine, alanine, and guanine are placed in a cell free extract?” 10. Explain how the structure of tRNA helps it to deliver the correct amino acid to the corresponding mRNA codon at the ribosome. Sketch the structure of a tRNA molecule, making sure to label the amino acid and the

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