1.3.1 Dna Detectives

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Conclusion 1. Explain the relationship between the following words – cells, genes, chromosomes, tissues, DNA, proteins. * * Tissues are made of cells that contain chromosomes made of DNA with regions called genes that code for proteins * 2. Explain why scientists probably used PCR when they prepared the DNA you’re your experiment. * * PCR is the process of copying DNA. This gave the scientists a good amount to work with. * 3. In the space below, write a paragraph explaining what you would say to the other family to convince them that the science techniques used prove the bones do not belong to their loved one. * Family, Every person has different DNA. The DNA of these bones, were isolated, we used PCR, (polymerase chain reaction) to make copies of it. Then we took the DNA of the found bones and mixed it with different restriction enzymes. Restriction enzymes are used to cut the DNA. The DNA fragments were then separated after I performed a gel electrophoresis (process used to separate them with gel and an electrical current) When compared, your loved one's DNA did not match the DNA of the bones found. * 4. Suggest reasons why it was helpful to digest each of your samples with two different restriction enzymes? How do the results of your gel reinforce this point? * It gave two different constants to match the unknown DNA to. The gel reinforces this point because the missing person could've matched only one enzyme being used. Including a second enzyme was checking with a second test Explain how the code in your DNA relates to your physical appearance as well as the functioning of your body. How might a change in this code impact the body? * The code determines all physical appearances and makes proteins, which allows your body to perform and function. If a change was to occur, your physical appearance

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