Richard Deception In Act 1 Of Frank's Deceit

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Richard III laughs as he ruses Lady Anne into believing that he killed her husband and father because of her beauty. “Was ever woman in this humor wooed?” Richard when he’s alone, he mocks her because she fell for his hoax. Richard was actually a very smart man and very deceiving at the same time. The beginning of act 1 starts with this heartfelt speech of Richard speaking of how he feels about his brothers and how he will reach the top. Richard is bitter, deformed, not loved, and sickened by peace, so he will set his brothers up for their death and rise up. Richard misleads Clarence first to get him placed in prison because his plan is to get rid of the king before Clarence has to die. It is amazing that it is obvious that Richard is the…show more content…
She changed her mind and was ready to lay with him even wore his ring. Richard deception puts Lady Anne in a vulnerable place and is setting her up to fall. After he finishes with Lady Anne his next plan is to get Queen Elizabeth and her Lords to believe that it is their fault that Clarence is locked away in prison and that he never hated them. Richard is very good with his wording and the tone of his voice and when to change his tones. He uses God and scriptures to speak of God forgiveness towards him for all the wrong he has done. What is astonishing is that he is getting everyone else to actually pan out his evil plan of taking out everyone in his way of becoming king. Richard was the black sheep of the family and he was going to take them all out and take the throne. “I do the wrong, and first begin to brawl. The secret mischiefs that I set abroach I lay unto the grievous charge of others. Clarence, who I indeed have cast in darkness, I do beweep to many simple gulls, Namely to Derby, Hastings, Buckingham, and tell them’ tis the Queen and her allies that stir the King against the Duke my brother. Now they it, and withal whet me to be…show more content…
His plan even comes to Clarence in a dream and he still cannot see that Richard is the one who is behind him being in prison and for his death that is coming very soon. He blames his self for the deaths of his father in law and brother and believes that the dream is the evidence of his sins. “Ah, keeper, keeper, I have done these things that now give evidence against my soul for Edward’s sake, and see how he requites me! O God! If my deep pray’rs cannot appease thee, but thou wilt be avenged on my misdeeds, yet execute thy wrath in me alone. O, spare my guiltless wife and my poor children! Keeper, I prithee sit by me awhile. My soul is heavy, and I fain would sleep.” So the murderers arrive and one becomes remorseful and wants to spare Clarence life just as Richard said but the first murderer does his duties that Richard assign. Giving Richard exactly what he wants the open path to the seat of

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