Macbeth Corruption Quotes

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Macbeth’s Character Macbeth is superstitious and curious about the witches. ‘stay you imperfect speakers, tell me more…speak, I charge you’ this shows that already the idea of becoming king is in Macbeths mind, and is feeding his ever-growing ambition. The imperatives in the quote show that he already thinks that he is superior to others as he is very imposing and demanding, this would also mean that he is self-centered and will do anything for the benefit of himself and his own success. Macbeth is superstitious and ambitious but doubtful of himself and the witches. ‘why do you dress me in borrowed robes?’ this quote shows that Macbeth is superstitious as it tells the audience that he has believed the prophecies they have told him. However the word ‘why’ shows that he is doubtful of himself and them as he is questioning the prophecies, this could show that although he is ambitious and his aspiration is to become king, he is unsure of himself and even from the start is unconfident on…show more content…
‘why do I yield to that suggestion whose horrid image doth unfix my hair and make my seated heart knock at my ribs against the use of nature.’ This quote tells us that Macbeth has thought up the idea of killing the king and that his ambition is growing so much it is beginning to take over his morals, and is clouding his judgment. Again Shakespeare uses the natural imagery because killing the king is the most unnatural thing you can do as he is omnipotent and it is like killing God, this shows that although Macbeth knows he is thinking of the most unnatural deed on earth he is still contemplating it as his ambition is so strong. This has a worrying effect on the audience as, if Macbeth is so easily manipulated by one thought or idea what is he capable of with other influences. This quote could also illustrate that Macbeth is weak and absent minded as he does not think about what he is doing or about what he is considering
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