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Plan to writing emotions about john proctor Introduction: Write why I have chosen John Proctor. Include a summary showing what emotions he shows throughout the play eg: John Proctor is seen as a very proud man. Short background of his life to our knowledge eg: married to Elizabeth with two children, farmer of 300 acres. 1st scene analysis: Pg 42-66 When John Proctor is interacting with his wife Elizabeth and then Mary Warren and Hale. Page 42-44 These pages show the state of Proctor and Elizabeth's marriage and real emotions he feels to putting it right. He wants to try and get his wife, whom who loves. To trust him again. In these pages we also see Proctor as at times a very gentle man "i mean to please you" "bring some flowers into the house". He…show more content…
This causes the running emotions to settle down and for Hathorne to take over. Hathorne: " What say you Proctor?" Also in this page, Proctor makes a decision to confess to the sins in which he didn't commit and to have his life. Page 111-116 Throughout these pages Proctor begins to come to term to what he is agreeing to accept he did but did not really do. Proctors decision makes a dramatic turn when Rebecca Nurse Enters the room. It could be said that Rebecca puts Proctor under a lot of pressure by saying that he is lying to the judges and not being truthful to himself or God. She is almost accusing him of being a coward in which Proctor has despised beings of this nature his entire life. Rebecca "(Astonished) why, John!" "Why, it is a lie" Proctor will have felt a lot of pressure on his shoulders in the short amount of time he had to decide his own fate as he had two different sides chirping in his ear. In the end, Proctor decides to keep to his own laws and morals and tears up the paper in which stated that he had done work with the devil. And so Proctor was hanged with his dignity

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