Revolutions and Turning Points Essay

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Inan Kabir 09/18 Ms. Pearlman Global History 2 Revolutions and Turning Points Essay Revolution is best defined as an overthrow of an established government or a political system by the people governed. Revolutions and turning points have occurred throughout history and changed human society drastically. Two of many revolutions and turning points are the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation. Both have impacted greatly and changed history forever THe significance of both events are monumental and are to be remembered for eternity. WIthout the revolutions and the turning points in history, we would have a completely different world. The Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation had historical circumstances surrounding it, changed history and may have lead to an Age of Revolutions. The Renaissance, meaning rebirth, was the revival of art and literature during the late Middle Ages. Europe suffered from both war and plague, and people started to question the institutions of the Middle Ages. The institution were unable to prevent war and revive the people from the plague. In northern Italy where the damage was least, writers and artist began to express new hopes and spirits. Italy had great advantages that spurred the Renaissance in its nation; thriving cities, a wealthy merchant class and a heritage of Greece and Rome. Before the Renaissance, the plague had struck Europe hard and brought economic changes. WIth few laborers and survivors, business was not an option. Merchants began to pursue other interests, resulting into art and literature. Great artists rose from the Renaissance, including Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael.The invention of the printing press helped spread the Renaissance ideas throughout Europe thanks to Johann Gutenberg. As a result of the Renaissance, printing changed society by making more information available, published
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