Renaissance Movement Away from Europe

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Francesca Ogilvie Mr. Morningstar M&C History August 29, 2012 In what ways did the Renaissance move Europe away from the medieval and toward the modern? Did the Renaissance help Europe develop and flourish as it is today? The Renaissance was a great era that opened up a chance of progress, and therefore modernization, for Europe. Although it begun in Italy, over a short period of time it had made it’s way to the north and then, eventually, influenced the world in many ways. The Renaissance came after the devastating Dark Ages; where Europe lost 25 million people to the Black Death, and many lost the ability to read and write (“The Black Death”). Although the loss of lives was devastating, it allowed farmers to have surplus, artists to sell their work and church officials to be questioned (Ramirez). The Renaissance was an era that helped Europe evolve simply because it opened new doors; the spread of trade. Along with these new ideas came new innovations, especially in art (“Central School PTO”). Art further developed the way that people really saw the world; it gave that little push for the people to be able to really see everything. Artists and architectures begun to express themselves, who they really where and how they really saw the world. Paintings, sculptures and buildings begun to take their own style, and their own topic. Artists where no longer driven to depict everything from the bible, but of the outside world; art was the beginning of the rebirth that is the Renaissance. Christians begun changing their references, they began asking artists and scientist for answers. Modern day Europe is an important scientific center, and that would have not been possible if not for the Renaissance. During the Renaissance, the term humanist developed; a term used for “believing that the potential of human mind was almost limitless” (Ramirez). Leonardo
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