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Crash Assignment The two reviews on Crash were extremely different from one another. I really agreed with everything Roger Ebert said in his review. I believe the movie told a real life portrayal of the racial issues we face in modern day America, but that most of us are slowly trying to rise above racism. As a nation, we have made progress when it comes to race and gender discrimination. Not too long ago, women couldn’t vote, African Americans were fighting for equal rights, and much more. We have come a long way from that. Although, we still face things like racial discrimination, movies like Crash show us that we have become a lot more tolerant of people of other races, religions, ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs and that sometimes it takes drastic life changing events to show us that even though we are all different, we are all humans who deserve to be accepted by one another. I really didn’t agree with what Robert Jensen and Robert Wosnitzer said in their review. They basically said that Crash was a white supremacist film that was made to make white people feel better and take them off the hook. They said that the film was meant to show white people in a racist light and then make them realize that their racist behaviors were wrong, but that it was okay as long as they took responsibility for white supremacy. I don’t think this was the message that the film’s producer was trying to convey. Though, I might not agree with the second review of the movie, I do think it demonstrates the notion of polysemic or different texts because it shows how everyone takes a different message away from a movie. For example, you may have completely different thoughts on the movie than your friend who also saw the movie. Sometimes people, such as Jensen and Wosnitzer take away a message that the producer never intended. This just goes to show that a film can be interpreted

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