Review of the Wedding Present

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Review of The Wedding Present I give the story two stars. Not because it’s a bad story at all. But the story was really long and it was difficult to understand the meaning of the story before you had read it two to three times and really thought about it before it made sense. I like that the story has an open end and you have to figure out who wrote the letter by yourself. Also I couldn’t help feeling a little pity for Belinda when her husband dies and she is all by herself with two kids and her bewilderment about the letter. The story describes how obsessed Belinda gets over the letter. If you didn’t know Gordon also had read the letter you would think Belinda had a psychosis and had imagined it all. From my point of view I think Belinda and Gordon made the letter in the envelope up because they was afraid of a miserable marriage, so they put all their fear in the envelope instead of having the fear in their marriage. I think the moral of the story is that you should appreciate all the good things in your life instead of worrying about all the bad things that could happen. In the end you cant prevent bad things from happening by worrying about them. Like when Belinda loses her husband. She could have spent her life worrying about bad things or losing her husband, instead she had a good life with her husband and loved him. So even if she loses him in the end she can look back at a good life with

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