Quicksand By Nella Larsen Analysis

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Nella Larsen In order, for me to explain what Nella Larsen novel Quicksand has taught me about the African American experiences. I must first tell you about Nella Larsen the person. Nella Larsen was born in Chicago, IL on April 13, 1891 as Nellie Walker. Her mother Marie Hanson Walker; was a white Danish immigrant. Her estranged father Peter Walker was a West Indian man of color from Saint Croix. Shortly after her father left the family, her mother remarried a Scandinavian man named Peter Larsen. Like many parents of interracial children during this time, her mother was unable to deal with the issues of raising an interracial child and begin to alienate herself from her young daughter. Feeling rejected from her step father and also her biological mother she begins to exhibit the symptoms of an identity crisis. One wonderful thing her parents did for her was to send her to Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. At the university, there were many biracial as well as middle…show more content…
In desperate need to feel loved Crane sets out on a mission to be married. She later marries a man that she’s not really interested in only marrying him to gain popularity. While reading the story I could feel the pain and imagine how hard she struggled to feel accepted. As being the only darkest in my family I often struggle to be notice and accepted too. This novel to me is altogether depressing and very hard to read without crying. Being abandoned by one parent and almost the sight of you just disgust your other parent is hard to coop with. The story Quicksand to me is just not a story it is something that we deal with in everyday life. To me Quicksand describes all the turmoil that’s going on not only in Cranes life but also Larsen’s. It also deals with the conflicting demands of her racial and sexual identities and the nature of being a black

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