'Of Mice And Men: Curley's Wife'

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Curley’s wife Curley’s wife Curley’s wife was first introduced into the novel when Lennie Small and George Milton first came to the ranch. She is doesn’t really have a name she is seen as a possession to her husband .she is a really good looking lady and she dresses up quite heavily with her make up as well but she’s doing that only to hide her true identity she is the only woman on the ranch and she is quite lonely and sad. She married Curley which for her was a big mistake and which made her life worse She always said that a movie star would send her a letter when he got back from Hollywood that she would be an actress but that didn’t happen she always blamed her mum for that she thought that her mum hid the letter so she wouldn’t…show more content…
Curleys wife obsession with herself lead to her death The connection between Curley’s wife and Lennie is that when curley’s wife walked into the barn but George said that Lennie is not aloud to talk to her like men on the ranch Curley’s wife also suffers from lack of attention and love also having to sacrifice her plans for Curley Lennie starts to talk about the farm and the rabbits and says that he like to pet soft thing then there is a connection between Curley’s wife ends in tragedy just as he kills Curley’s wife and his dreams Curley’s wife has also got a strong connection to Slim because she was the only girl on the ranch and she never saw Curley so she gave the other men the eye flirtation but the ranch men but the flirt back if they did( 1) they would be fired(2)they would suffer because of Curley temper so yes they all try and keep away from her but Slim talks to her everyone looks up to him even Curley looks up to him he’s like the boss he is an expert in his job so everyone admired
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